About SupChainability

About SupChainAbility

SupChainAbility (SCA) is based on several decades of experience by Hans Lindekilde. Hans Lindekilde has a global experience in Supply-Chain Management. Latest over 7½ year, as Quality Manager at one of Denmark’s most exclusive Quality Designer companies – Skagerak Denmark A/S. Before that, Hans lived 12 years abroad in South East Asia working for companies like IKEA International, Scan-com, William E. Connor (i.e.: William Sonoma / Pottery Barn) and Sourcebynet. This has given a complete toolbox of understanding top factory management handling quality & technical challenges, product development, as well as knowing the culture difference without forgetting the workers point of view. It was also during his time abroad, working with endless amounts of suppliers he acknowledged the need to also focus on social & safety conditions, workers involvement and sustainability.  FSC, EUTR and CSR is a natural part of doing business. Specialties:
  • Supply Chain management.
  • Quality management.
  • Sustainability (FSC, EUTR & CSR).
  • 13 years of management experience.
  • 12 years’ experience from living in South East Asia.
  • 11 years of quality management experience.
  • Member of the board in of FSC Denmark
  • Trained in Amfori/BSCI & FSC Chain of Custody.
  • Leadership through Jung based profiles.
  • CRS case together with the Danish Business Authority in 2013.   Link here 
  • MBA-CSR-case at Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in Tufts University, SA, 2014.